Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BLT Burger: The Good Glutton

Confession: I am not big on burgers.

There. I said it. It’s not that I despise beef patties sandwiched between two burger buns, it’s just that the burger is not really something I would actively order off a menu. Maybe it’s from living next to an In-n-Out Burger shack for two years back when I was in LA. Maybe.

(BLT Burger)

(It's what's inside that counts...)

Despite my burger ambivalence though, I do appreciate a good burger when I’m fed one. And the ones that BLT Burger churn out are. Good, that is. So so good. And as part of Laurent Tourondel’s empire of deliciousness, why wouldn’t BLT Burger kick ass? I went with the signature BLT ($98)–a large and in charge 7oz 100%Black Angus beef patty, blackened and charred around the edges and still beautifully pinked and juicy in the middle. Topped with big fatty strips of bacon and the “LT” veggies… I chomped away happily on this under the soothing blast of the restaurant’s 80s soundtrack.

(Chocolate-praline layer cake: OMG, I love you)

But if the burger was good, the dessert was killer. Absolutely. The Valrhona chocolate praline layer cake ($58) puts the best things about American gluttony and transforms it into a delectable layer cake. Moist, dark, sweet, sinful. Amazing. There must’ve been a gajillion calories in that hefty slice (and à la mode, no less!) but really, when it’s so beautiful, who gives an eff?

FOOD: 4/5
ATMOSPHERE: 4/5 (if you love 80s rock)

Shop 301, Level 3

Ocean Terminal
Tsim Sha Tsui

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