Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ABC Kitchen: Market Fresh

The first time I tried out ABC Kitchen was back in March for a dinner organized by the one-and-only Mr. Lau. He's the awesome kind of foodie you want to be friends with - enthusiastic, knowledgable, nice, generous, and soooo in the know.

This was exactly the case with ABC Kitchen. Who woulda thunk that there'd be a fine dining western joint in a cooked food market? I didn't. But here it is - complete with tablecloths, wineglasses, excellent service, all sandwiched between and Indian-Nepalese restaurant and a ChiuChow snacks stall. Awesome.

(Margherita pizza)

(La bouillabaisse)

As for the food, I've been several times now and I have to say, dinner is definitely infinately better than lunch. The bouillabaisse is particularly good and they're extremely generous with the seafood. Also loved the braised til tender beef cheeks. I cut them apart like butter with my fork. Mmmm.

(Braised beef cheeks)

(Look ma, no knife!)

(Signature roasted suckling pig)

Special mention goes to the suckling pig. I still prefer Chinese style roast pig (crunchy skin) but ABC's version follows Spanish recipe. As a result, the skin is less crisp, but the meat becomes unbelievably moist and supple.

(Sticky toffee pudding: mmm...)

(Creme caramel)

The sticky toffee pudding sealed the deal for me. And if YOU'RE still not sold... get this - ABC serves illy's coffee!

ABC KITCHEN ($$/$$$)
CF7, 1/F
Queen's Street Cooked Food Market
38 Des Voeux Road
Sheung Wan

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