Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shanghai Lane: $38 Worth of Yumminess

Lunchtime in the office district can be a pain sometimes. You go here and it’s packed, you go there and it’s packed. Not cool. So when Moe and Leo wanted to meet up for lunch in the area and asked me to choose the restaurant, I based my choice on one thing – seating availability.

(Appetizers with a spicy kick)

And that led us to Shanghai Lane, the not-really-new-anymore eatery that opened on Gough Street. The place was bustling, but we managed to grab a seat, thanks to the super-polite and helpful staff there. And being that I only had an hour to blow – I ordered the quickest thing on the menu. The chilled Shanghai mixed noodles ($38).

(Noodles: pre-mix)

(Noodles: post-mix)

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much more than a quick bite to satisfy the hunger, but I was actually really impressed by the noodles. It was a giant bowl of chewy strands, served with thin strips of cucumber, egg, ham, and shredded chicken. I mixed everything into one giant mass with the peanut sauce. Such an appetizing mix of flavors. I finished every last noodle and licked up every last bit of the fragrant peanut sauce. Yum. And all for $38? Not too shabby…

FOOD: 4/5

35-37 Gough Street

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