Thursday, January 14, 2010

Caprice: A Cheesy Tuesday

I had the great fortune of meeting Monsieur Jean-Francois Antony when he dropped by town a little while ago for Caprice’s week-of-cheese extravaganza. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Monsieur Jean-Francois, he is the son of legendary French affineur (i.e. “cheesemaker”), Bernard Antony. Monsieur Bernard Antony is an absolute artist in the cheese world, winning over the trust of big names in the food industry, including Alain Ducasse and Pierre Gagnaire. In other words, these are guys who will feed you some good cheese.

(Clockwise, left to right: awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome)

Given the renown of the Antonys, it is not at all surprising that they are very careful with selecting who they supply their cheeses to. And our city’s very own recently-crowned three-Michelin star Caprice restaurant is among one of the exclusive places where you can sample the Antonys’ cheeses. So imagine how excited I was when I was penciled in for a full-out fromage lunch! My heart melted into a puddle of pure happiness already as I walked into the restaurant and saw the wide selection of cheeses on full display by the entrance. So stunning.

Msr. Antony appeared, very charmingly introduced himself and his family’s business and, brought us our first cheese plate with four different cheeses. Sad to say I couldn’t catch the names of the cheeses as I was too busy being enamored by all the delicious flavors. Sooo heartstoppingly amazing.

And after stuffing our faces with all that cheese, Chef Vincent Thierry very thoughtfully whipped up a “palate cleanser” for us, which turned out to be a huge slab of milky soft halibut topped with a crunchy, zesty breadcrumb topping with a very interesting yellow pepper sauce. I was all over the fish and finished it like nobody’s business. I probably shouldn’t have though, to be honest, because we had a second round of cheese to go. Again, another amazing selection of four different cheeses. Plus more wine. Plus more chit chat.

Is it any wonder I love Caprice?*


(Top right: paired with quince jam = amazing)

*Congratulations on the third Michelin star!

FOOD: 4.75/5
SERVICE: 4.75/5

CAPRICE ($$$$$)
Podium 6, Four Seasons Hotel
8 Finance Street

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