Wednesday, September 1, 2010

[TAIWAN] Du Hsiao Yueh: Good Enough

(Tan Tsai Noodles: the one Taiwanese dish that moves me)

Yes yes yes, it's a tourist trap. But I made the pilgramage anyway and hit up Du Hsiao Yueh during my Taiwan trip. One of the oldest AND most authentic Tainan joints in Taipei City, Du Hsiao Yueh does a mean Tan Tsai noodle (NT$50) topped with the traditional works of mince and single shrimp.

Compared to the starchier, thick noodles of Taipei, Tainan Tan Tsai noodles are on the lighter, more slurpable side. Personally, I prefer the latter, even in terms of the broth. And seriously, at NT$50 a pop, it'd be obscene not to lap it all up.

(Open since that long ago)

(Lobster roe roll)

As for the other dishes, it blew hot and cold for me. I guess I just really don't "get" Taiwanese food. Among the many small plates we ordered, only the lobster roe roll (NT$200) stood out for me. Part of me resented its resemblance to an American fusion sushi roll (random vegetables + pickled carrot + lobster roe + dab of mayo --> wrapped in nori --> wrapped in rice paper roll) but it was interesting, at least.

I'll probably never understand Taiwanese food. But at least I'll have the Tan Tsai noodles to fall back on. That's good enough for me.

No. 12, Alley 8, Lane 216, Sec 4 Jhongsiao E Road
Taipei City, Taiwan
(886) 2 2773-1244

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