Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kam Hing: A Very Girly “Da Lang”

(Chiu Chow soy braised platter: satisfying)

Greasy tables, men in white undervests, a big bottle of Tsing Tao beer and some no-frills Chiu Chow fare… the perfect setting for a two-hour girl talk session.

I chomped away on the Chiu Chow soy sauce braised platter, dipping slices of red sausage, tofu, and goose into the vinegar sauce while listening to how I needed to man up and stop being so self-consciously nervous. Ugh, easier said than done. I then moved onto the surprisingly addictive scrambled eggs with bitter gourd – bitter but with a slight tinge of sweetness, a perfect pair with the scrambled eggs.

(Bitter but good)

(Oyster Omelet)

The much anticipated oyster omelet arrived in the midst of hilarious convo. Deep-flavored baby oysters set in a flour-egg batter. Some oyster-less bites (the bits around the edges) was a tad too floury, but the dish was delish towards the centre. The three dishes, plus the beer and a bowl of plain congee came out the about $80 per person for the two of us, with plenty leftovers to pack away. Not bad at all. And on top of the satisfying food, there was good alch-y and some fantastic girly gossip… all these combined made eating at this grotty restaurant seem even more fun than dining at some of the nicest five star restos in the city. It's true - sometimes, all you need is beer and some awesome company.

FOOD: 3.5/5

398-400 Queen’s Road West
Sai Yung Ping
Western District

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