Sunday, October 4, 2009

RED SoHo: Avocado in the House

I have been dying to go back to RED SoHo ever since dropping by for their “just-opened” visit the other time. I’m not going to lie – the shallow side of me was completely sold by their chicer-than-thou interior décor (Carrie Bradshaw and co. would lunch here…if they were based in Hong Kong). And being just a stone’s throw away from le office, I made my long-awaited lunch-stop there to see if the resto had more to offer than just its looks.

After perusing the several set lunch options, I went with the grilled chicken salad, with the “pizza of the day” ($98) as the main. And let me just say, RED SoHo gets brownie points just for the salad’s avocado alone. Since I’ve moved back to Hong Kong from Sunny Cali (i.e. the State of the Avocado), I’ve literally been hard strapped to find a just-rightly-ripe-avocado; avocados in HK are always either under ripe or over…but for some miraculous reason, they’re the perfect fresh consistency at RED SoHo. So effin’ delish – too bad the chef decided to use thin slices of the ‘cado in the salad instead of big fatty chunks. Seriously, I’d have no qualms if the salad was nothing but avocado. I wonder who their avocado supplier is…I totally need to get in on that.

After polishing the salad, my “no-way-I-can-finish-this-on-my-own” pizza arrived. I ordered this for the eggplant (a.k.a. love in veggie form) topping which, sadly enough, wasn’t as hefty as I had wished. Nonetheless, the pizza was effin’ fantastic – the thin crust was perfectly crispy and I couldn’t help but grin at how sinfully gooey the mozzarella (i.e. 85% of the pizza) was. Definitely not the healthiest thing one can order for lunch but…whatever. I actually managed to polish it all off save two slices, which is pretty food-champion status. So proud of myself.

Too full to stomach dessert (though the chocolate layer cake I sampled on my first visit was absolutely lovely), I ended the meal with the di rigueur black coffee (extra $15). A little over a hundred bucks for lunch and a very full stomach = my RED SoHo lunch experience. The food didn’t blow me away but, hey, this ain't Pierre. It’s comforting American food served by smiley wait-staff in a cozy-chic environment. And if that still doesn’t sell you, trust me – the avocado will.

FOOD: 3.5/5
SERVICE: 3.5/5

RED SoHo ($$$)
2/f, Kinwick Centre
32 Hollywood Road

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  1. I had an awful experience here. Three out of four dishes on our table were inedible. One of them the salon was actually bad and you could smell it over the top of everything else. The manager said he would have the chef taste it then never told us what happened. One bad dish I can understand but an entire table of unedible mains is a guaranteed no return visit.